Boulder Power Technologies provides portable renewable power solutions for people and organizations looking for alternative energy sources that are renewable, clean, silent and flexible for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike traditional gas-powered generators and mobile stations, Boulder Power offers the first and only portable power solution that leverages the latest innovations in Lithium Ion battery technologies. All Boulder Power products provide reliable, high-performing alternative power when and where it’s needed. It is 100- percent clean, zero-noise and highly efficient to save time, money and promote a cleaner environment.

What Does Boulder Power Stand For?

  • Making portable power completely silent and 100 percent clean
  • Displacing gas-powered generators through products that are cleaner, lower-cost and superior in all ways
  • Making renewable and alternative power sources accessible to the masses
  • Providing portable power to individuals and organizations that need quiet, clean energy sources when and where they need it
  • Making portable power a clean experience – in terms of usage, fuel-type and maintenance
  • Leading the advancement of Lithium Ion battery technology into new applications

The Portable Generator

Portable generators have been on the market for years, built with conventional four cycle gasoline engines using a technology that has been around since the 1930’s. These generators run at a high speed with a governor regulating the speed of the engine to produce the correct voltage at 60 cycles per second (htz). Depending on the size of the engine, most generators use between ½ and 1 gallon of gasoline per hour. A traditional 2000 watt generator produces approx. 65 to 70dB of noise measured at 7 feet from the generator.

“People seem to think of generators as just an emergency product, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Contractors, landscapers, outdoors-men, tailgaters, and lots more hobbies and professions require a generator on a daily basis.” (Synovate, Inc.)

Electric power storage has come a long way, and electric power typically more efficient that gas power. For instance, did you know that the electric car was built before a gas powered car?   Boulder Power Technologies is proud to offer a substitute for your gas powered generator - it is now time for you to experience the advantages of GoPower products!