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Portable, Noiseless, Ordorless, Clean Energy, Convenient, Rechargeable.

Portable Power Made Easy

The PowerTap is the ideal combination of uninterruptible, safe power with ample output to safely run power tools, outdoor lighting, household appliances, and a vast array of electrical equipment. The PowerTap is easy to transport and noise-free. It is safe for use indoors and outside.

City of Denver Selects Boulder Power’s Portable Power Generator In Line With Its Sustainability Initiatives

The City and County of Denver has purchased PowerTap 2000 portable power units to help further its mission of creating sustainable environments using technologies that are energy efficient. Denver will be using the PowerTap 2000 for public events and speeches by Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock to power the city's PA system, lighting,…

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Boulder Power Tech Launches PowerTap 2000!

Several local media sources published articles this week about the launch of Boulder Power Tech's lithium-ion battery power unit, the PowerTap 2000.  Boulder Power Tech has found a silent, odorless alternative to messy gas-powered generators, and that is very exciting news for the clean tech and portable power industry! The word is spreading…

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Over a two week period, I used the PowerTap 2000 on a roof deck project where it ran a small compressor, table saw, shop vac,  12-inch miter saw and a radio.  It was extremely useful

-Melton Design Build

The PowerTap 2000 was invaluable to us as we put on our Community Energy Fair at Scott Carpenter Park. Our co-sponsors were able to run what they needed the entire day, including a 27 inch Mac!

-Clean Energy Action, Boulder, CO

I am a project manager that works on new log cabins; when we begin construction we usually have to bring our own gas generators to give us the power we need to start the construction work.  I brought in a Power Tap unit on to the work site.  The workers immediately took to using it instead of the gas generator because it was quiet, and they could use it indoors without noxious fume production.  And, it went all day long, giving the power to run our tools.  Thank you Boulder Power Tech.

-Brian, Boulder, CO